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DATE: 9th of October to the 18th of December (10 week course)

TIME: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

PLACE: Birallee Neigbourhood House, Wodonga VIC 3690 (VIEW IN GOOGLE MAPS)

This course has been designed to inspire the local community to seek inspiration and resources from nature to create beautiful, sustainable and functional artistic works.

We hope to empower students with the ability to make goods they can sell or gift and enjoy the artistic process for their own creative growth and mental wellbeing.

Come enjoy all, some or one of these classes in a fun and supportive community environment.

  • 10 x 2 hour classes each focusing on a different aspect of botanical colour

  • Materials Included

  • take home a range of skills to extract and apply your own botanical colour

Sign up for just the classes you are interested in or sign up for the whole course and receive a discount equivalent to have a free class.

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Week 1: Wednesday 9th of October

An introduction to botanical colour.

  • What materials we can use, how to source dye stuff and assists.

  • How to keep records.

  • Our first dye: Setup a solar dye jar with a silk scarf, wool or tea towel.


 Week 2: Wednesday 16th of October

All about mordants for cloth and fibre.

  • Learn how to prepare your materials for the best outcomes.

  • Creation of our first dye vats and samples.


Week 3: Wednesday 23rd October


  • Learn how to change and enhance the colours of your dye vats.

  • Sampling with modifiers on cloth and yarn.


Week 4: Monday 28th October

Shibori techniques and the Indigo dye vat

  • Learn this Ancient Japanese tradition of tie-dyed textiles and dye your samples in an organic indigo dye vat.


Week 5: Wednesday 6th of November

Eco printing on textiles and paper.

  • This week we learn how to use the eco printing technique to create beautiful repeat patterns on fabric by folding, binding and dyeing in a dye bath.



Week 6: Wednesday 13th of November

The art of Hapa-Zome of Bashing colour into your fabric!

  • This is a really fun and therapeutic way to literally smash colour into your fabric to create wonderful bright imprints of leaves and flowers directly onto your fabrics.


Week 7: Wednesday 20th of November

The Art of BORO stitching and mending- Sustainability week

  • This is a special week where we take a break from the dye pot and use some of our dyed samples  to create a beautiful boro style bag or to patch our ups cycled clothing. This is a hand-sewing week and is perfect for beginners to advance sewists alike.


Week 8: Wednesday 27th November

Botanical Inks

  • We will look at ways of extracting botanical dyes to create inks for painting on paper and dyeing wood and other materials. We will be dying beads for our own necklaces. This class is great for calligraphers and watercolour artist too!


Week 9: Wednesday 4th December

Printing with Botanical Inks.

  • We will learn how to convert our botanical inks for use with screen and block printing for both fabric and paper applications.


 Week 10: Wednesday 11th December

STUDENT CHOICE WEEK: This week will be planned based majority student choice.

Suggested topics are:

  • Papermaking: Learn how to make paper from recycled paper, cloth and plant material including colouring with botanicals and embedding seeds in paper.

  • Packaging and Branding: Customise paper and card with your own mark to package your handmade items for gifting or for sale.

  • Bath bombs: Making your own bath bombs and spa products using natural colours and essential oils.


Week 11: Wednesday 18th December

LAST WEEK celebration BBQ and mini exhibition for family, friends and the community.


Never wear your Sunday best to craft classes, while we like to keep things tidy we can't avoid a bit of messy fun sometimes. Dyes may splash and fibers will cling... especially white wool to black clothes. Bring and apron and wear sensible shoes. Gloves will be provided for you to use on the day or you can bring your own.

You may be taking your dyes samples home still damp so bring in some plastic containers such as ice cream and yoghurt containers or reuse shopping bags.

Finally, bring in a snack and your own mug if you like. We have kitchen facilities at all our teaching venues for making tea and coffee etc.


You can pay ahead of time here on our website or via Birallee Park Neighbourhood House by contacting Amanda on: 02 6059 2590. Or you can pay via cash or credit card on the day. Please indicate which method you would like to use when enrolling.


We are all about providing accessibility with our workshops so if you have any special needs, please let us know so we can create an enjoyable experience for you.