It all started when...

Well, I guess it never stopped.

The knowledge of textile making has been passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter for thousands of years and while the need to cover ourselves has dwindled due to commercial mass clothing production there is an ever expanding tribe of us growing and continuing to fight back for sustainability, for ethics and for pride in our textile-making heritage. 

Without a doubt being able to create your own textiles from raw materials is a powerful thing and it drives us all here at Crafty Possums.

Sonia was always thrifty having been taught yarn crafts and to sew by her mother Trish and grandmother Merze, because those who lived through the war came out craftier, more clever and incredibly thrifty and couldn't help but pass it on to the next generations.

Pinky being Sonia's daughter, benefited from a nurturing crafty environment right from the day she was born and both of them have crafted every day of their lives and will likely do so until the day they die.

Both draw in all the crafty friends they can find and have established a community around them.  They are also experienced teachers and strive to share what they know with all willing to learn.

We'd love for you to join us fellow crafty possums xo