Needle Felting Complete Kit

Needle Felting Complete Kit


This complete and portable toolkit is perfect to get you started in needle felting or makes the perfect gift. It comes with all the tools you need in a sturdy handmade drawstring bag.


  1. Awl
  2. Rolling Stick
  3. Tube of 6 needles
  4. Leather Thumb and Finger protectors
  5. Needle Holder Tool with Needle
  6. Foam Work Mat (20 x 14.5xm)
  7. Drawstring Bag
  8. Toolkit Leaflet

SAFETY NOTE: Felting needles are very sharp and have barbs on them to assist in felting fibers to one another. The needles can also rust if stored in damp conditions and if they become rusty you must throw them out for your safety. For these reasons, I would not recommend these kits for Children under 8 years old. I do however needle felt with my 6yo under strict supervision.

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