Midnight Black Eco Acid Dye 1/2oz (14g)

Midnight Black Eco Acid Dye 1/2oz (14g)


An environmentally responsible choice for dyeing, Greener Shades Dyes are easy to use and unlike other acid dyes, they are free from toxic heavy metals making them healthier for you and the environment. A small amount goes a long way too giving you great value for money. The dye exhausts well and leaves you with bright wash-fast and light-fast yarns, fabric or fibres making them the perfect choice for new dyers or even little helpers.

Fibres to dye:
    •    Animal fibres such as wool, alpaca & mohair.
    •    Soy bean
    •    Silk
    •    Nylon

Dye Methods:
    •    Kettle dyeing
    •    Direct painting
    •    Space-dyeing
    •    Tie-dyeing


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Basic Instructions:

  1. Pre-wet your fibre, yarn or cloth with water and soak in water with vinegar or citric acid added.
  2. Mix a little dye powder with a little water in your dye pot, stir until dissolved. Add sufficient water so that your item/s will be able to move freely in the pot.
  3. Add your item/s and slowly bring the pot to a low simmer. Never boil and avoid stirring too much or you will felt your animal fibres.
  4. When the water clears, your dye bath has ‘exhausted’ meaning that your items have absorbed all the dye particles. Turn off the heat and let cool.
  5. You can rinse out your items in cool water or water of the same temperature as the dye bath as this will avoid ‘shocking’ animal fibres which can cause felting. Use a dash of pH neutral detergent to help remove loose dye particles.
  6. When the rinse water runs completely clear you can gently squeeze out excess water and hang your item/s out to dry.

If this is your first time Dyeing with Acid dyes or if you would like precise and repeatable colours we highly recommend that you purchase the ‘Greener Shades World of Colour’ Book which gives you detailed instructions on Fibre preparation, the dye process and the formulas and sample images for creating over 250 colours. You can purchase the Digital Book here on our website.


Greener Shades Dyes conform to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) 4.0 guidelines for Organic Processing. Visit www.greenershades.com and www.global-standard.org for more information.