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empowerment through craft

A Crafty Life is a Happy Life

Welcome to Crafty Possums where crafting isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life. Handcrafts have made a resurgence of late and we think we know why.

Over-consumption in a throw-away society is causing our world big problems. But when we stop and craft the things we use we appreciate them more, look after them and fill our hearts when gifting handmade to those we love. We also find community through crafting; sharing stories, solving problems and making many beautiful friends.


From felting your own critters to making your own tools from around the house, we have the tutorials to entertain you on those looooong weekends with busy kids or quiet crafternoons.


Shop Supplies + Goodies

Crafty Possums offers a lovely range of handmade supplies and favorite tools from Hand dyed and hand-spun yarns to handmade tools and gifts for crafters.

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Because crafting is always more fun in good company! Check out our upcoming workshops or request a custom session.